Marlin Marina Cayo Largo

It is another “crown jewel" of Los Canarreos Archipelago and is located close to the southwestern coast of Cuba. This long and narrow islet has the gift of enchanting at first sight. In barely 37.5 square kilometers it has 24 kilometers of excellent beaches that are open to the Caribbean Sea, among those beaches the best are Playa Sirena (Mermaid Beach) y Playa Blanca (White Beach) as well as a seabottom with wonderful diving and underwater photography.

Even today it is said that in some of its spots it is possible to find some hidden treasures, because, according to old chronicles, from 1563 to 1784 there were in Los Canarreos zone around 200 shipwrecks. Cayo Largo (Long Cay) also has a diversity of species of flora and fauna, extensive mangrove swamp areas, with a predomination of vegetation of “caleta” grape and mangrove woods, where you can go on kayaking tours to observe the birds and enjoy the quietness and privacy that only privileged places offer. 


Those contemplating diving will find innumerable sites with a diversity of marine species with typical coral sea bottoms, barriers and canals that terrace towards 33 meters deep, as well as multiple species, where the water is crystal-clear. There is a great diversity of sponges and its walls are covered with colonies of black coral. The numerous formations of coral reef that surround Cayo Largo are extended throughout the Los Canarreos archipelago to create an impressive scenario for anyone who loves experiencing the tropical underwater ecosystem in a world-class destination. 


This region is characterized by its high fish population by square kilometers favoring the sport fishing experience from vessels or from the shore, with ex- cellent results. The zone covers the keys and channels belonging to the Los Canarreos Archipelago.
Sport fishing for  barracuda, black grouper, bonito tuna and tuna, among other species, is overseen by Marlin “Cayo Largo” deep-sea fishing guides.
Sport fisshing for Tarpon, the Bone fish, Permit, Snook, and other species, is overseen by the Avalon Fishing Center guides.

MARINA Location: 21° 36’ 155” N; 81° 34.915” W
Communication by radio: VHF:16y19A 60
Depth: 3,5 m


  • Monophasic electricity (220 V and 110 V, 30 TO 60 cycles)
  • diesel and gas
  • drinkable water
  • ship chandler
  • minor repairs
  • taxis
  • rental cars
  • bar, restaurants
  • lodging
  • shop and tourist attractions in the marina