Tarará is a gated resort town in the municipality of Habana del Este in the city of Havana, Cuba. It is about 19 km east of the city centre and west of other beaches including Santa Maria del Mar and Guanabo.


This is small international marina that can be visited on cruising permits. The entrance is exposed to the north. The channel has silted in and is very shallow. But its proximity to downtown Havana (about a 15-minute ride) and its beautiful beach make it an ideal alternative to Hemingway Marina, with its pristine water and great beach that is in the marina. Great diving ad fishing are nearby. There is a well-equipped kite-surfing shop, a small club with pool, and lunch is served on the beach.

Tarará was developed in the 1940s by American Royal Sylvester Webster as a complete town, with a church (Santa Elena), a club known as the Tarará Yacht Club, 400 residences, stores, a movie theatre, a marina, a public park and beach facilities. Many considered the Tarará beach to be one of the most beautiful on the island, with its boardwalk a popular weekend destination. 

Beach in Tarara

After the Cuban Revolution, in January 1959, Che Guevara went to live at a summer villa in Tarara to recover from a violent asthma attack. While there he started the Tarara Group, a group that debated and formed the new plans for Cuba's social, political, and economic development. In addition, Che began to write his book Guerrilla Warfare while resting at Tarara. 


To the East of the capital city there are different insular platform sea’s bottoms and impressive walls whose depth oscil- lates between 5 and 35 meters. There are special seascapes for photography and underwater video because of its gardens of gorgonians, sponges, corals and sunken ships that have turned into shelter for numerous varieties of platform fish. 


​Sport fishing in Cuban waters has always been a draw for professionals and amateurs. Thanks to Cuba's location, the deep basins and canyons of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico serve as ecological barriers in the distribution and movement of many species of fish. The great ocean currents allow a connection with pelagic oceanic species also contributes to the impressive variety of marine species.
Based on these favorable characteristics of our surrounding seas, on Friday, May 26, 1950, the “Ernest Hemingway” Marlin International Fishing Tournament was founded. Its purpose: to challenge the mighty Marlins which inhabit our waters. 
It is important to know that Cuba develops sport fishing only under the method of “tag and release” (catch and release) according to the international trends for the preservation of species and environment.
The best weather for people loving deep sea fishing is between May and June. Every year, according to the tradition started more than six decades ago, the Marina Hemingway is host to this international tournament. 

MARINA Location: 23° 10 ́78” N; 82° 12 ́ 81” W 23
Depth: 1,50 m


  • Docking
  • diesel
  • drinkable water
  • ship chandler
  • electricity (three- phases 220 V and mono-phase 220 V and 110 V)
  • diving
  • fishing
  • rental cars
  • bar
  • taxis

Marlin Marina Tarara