SANTA LUCIA is one of the longest Cuban beaches with 20 km. These sandy beaches of perfectly transparent, warm waters are protected by the coral reef on the Atlantic, second in size only to the Australian one. This reef stretches west parallel to Sabinal, Guajaba, Romano and Cruz Keys, reaching Varadero.

Exactly in front of Santa Lucía is the reef’s closest point to the main island, less than 200 meters away from the shore. More than 50 coral, 200 sponges and about 500 tropical fish species, besides 27 sunken ships can be seen at this unique, amazing submarine environment.

Diving in Santa Lucía

 The diving zone spreads for 5 km. and is limited by the Lavanderas Reef to the east and Playa Bonita to the west, comprising La Boca, a semi isolated peaceful spot, next to the access channel to Nuevitas Bay and very close to a picturesque fishermen’s town. That area has 37 diving spots, averaging between 5 and 40 meters of depth. The dives include visits to where the sunken ships lay, inhabited by many kinds of fish and mollusks.

Among the most attractive dives are the ones at Cueva Honda, 32 km. deep. This is a breathtaking cave which shelters tarpons and big groupers. At a depth of 27 meters there are two sunken ships: Motera and Nuestra Señora Virgen de Altagracia. The first was a 19th century Spanish merchant shipwrecked in 1896 at the entrance of the Nuevitas Bay channel. Colourful coral fish and big snappers, groupers and shoals of jacks inhabit it. The second one, a steel tugboat, dating back to the early 20th century, in perfect condition, located next to a wall dropping straight into the abyss. Inside and around it rove numerous fish.



  • Electricity (110 V and 120 V
  • potable water
  • minor repairs,
  • dive-masters
  • fishing guides
  • restaurant & snack bar
  • rental cars
  • shops
  • medical services

Marlin Marina Cayo Santa Lucia