Punta Frances (South Coast)
Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juventud)

Island of Youth or Isla de la Juventud was discovered by Christopher Columbus in his second voyage to the New World. It is located 80 kilome- ters (50 nautical miles) to the Southwest of the larger Island of Cuba, in Los Canarreos Archipelago; it is the second in size and  importance of the Cuban archipelago. It used to be the safe shelter for pirates, corsairs and buccaneers, and it has been the source of many legends that still persist in time. In its waters, one of the most signicant diving zones of the world is found: the Punta Frances National Marine Park at the Colony.

This destination is sought after by connoisseurs and lovers of diving worldwide. It extends approximately 6 kilometers (4 miles) and is located in the best zone, between Punta Pedernales and Punta Francés National Marine Park. It is especially ideal for underwater photography featuring the  great diversity of its coral reefs. Remains of shipwrecks and numerous species of shells abound while diving on walls, tunnels and canals. The presence of coral with plenty of black coral, gorgonians, sponges, caverns, allies, hillocks and valleys are characteristic of its dive offerings.


The Isle of Youth is protected area due to its flora and fauna wealth. The area covers from the north of “Nueva Gerona” to some 85 miles toward the Southeast. Hundreds of keys and channels are included in these sandbanks belonging to the Los Canarreos Archipelago.

The sportfishing for Tarpón, Bonefish, Permit, and Snook among other species, is overseen by licensed guides.

It is important to know that Cuba develops sport fishing only under the method of “tag and release” (catch and release) according to the international trends for the preservation of species and environment.


Location: 21°.37 ́1” N, 82°.58 ́49” W 15
Depth: 2 meters


  • Electricity (110 V and 120 V
  • potable water
  • minor repairs,
  • dive-masters
  • fishing guides
  • restaurant & snack bar
  • rental cars
  • shops
  • medical services

Marlin Marina El Colony/ Punta Frances